The 2019 year was very challanging for us in many ways, thus it’s a bit harder to go for a walk when you’re paying attention to a little human doing his first steps next to you…

street photography motivation
Snaps, London 2018

We didn’t have many ocassions to go for a street shooting, however we were able to capture quite descent frames through the year. Unfortunately some projects are delayed but new ones are in place and strongly developed (e.g. Home project which will be split into parts due to its high volume). We did couple weddings, some street shots, corporate photosessions and life documentary.

Awards and recognitions as a motivation to photograph

We got recognitions from LFI and on FB group what is a motivaton to photograph and keep us going. However not only awards or recognitions are important. I have the biggest satisfaction from shots which I will print and be with us forever. The photographs which have meaning for me, for example my wife giving birth or first steps of my son. This is why the Home project is so important, especially when I cannot go that frequently for street shooting.

motivation to photograph
Snaps, Liverpool 2018
award motivates
Childhood unplugged, Liverpool 2019 – LFI recognized

What is then the motivation to photograph? I think that it should be something deeper and have true meaning for a photographer. I wrote an article here about likes and social media. It will be a lie if I tell you that getting many likes won’t make me a smile. However it is not the measure I use to judge the work. I feel motivated when certain shots apart of technical correctness, good light and captured emotions will have a meaning. I love to push audience for reflections about the topic and make them think. Hoever, I am not saying to remember a photograph because it will have to be a very controversial piece of art. One group of people implies one reactions and for the other completley opposite. I feel motivated when I am sure that my work is not indifferent or normal, standard. The break through is located where non mainstream art is.

recognitions motivate
Childhood unplugged, Audley 2019 – LFI recognized

How about you? What is your motivation to photograph?

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