Observe. See. Frame. Release the shutter.

It is all about people. All people – our street photography.

Most of my projects seem to start as exploratory journeys with no visible end in sight.

Alex Webb

It is tough to write statements about ourselves as in most cases we present images. They speak up and are our voice, however we can share couple details about us in more technical way.


Natalia is a true realist who stands hard on the ground, She enjoys old analog photography. Her main influencer is Elliott Erwitt and H.C. Bresson, main filed of photography is reportage with usage of natural light.

She is married to Wojtek and they build amazing relationship by sharing best moments of their life together.


Wojtek is more brain of the team and exactly as Natalia knows what he wants. True realist with dose of positive attitude can describe his personality.

Wojtek loves: Natalia, photography and his guitar. Rock ‘n’ roll soul makes him rebellious however Natalia can restrain crazy nature of this guy.

He is photographer not to gather likes and aplauze but to document and bring his voice up.