photography in pandemy

As far as covid-19 feels good in Europe we had to transpose our daily duties some time ago. Main goal now, is do the work aligned with our education background and focus on the family rather than long term projects or weddings. However we can’t forget about taking pictures! Unfortunately the time is the main player (or a missing one) so I decided to show our family, short stories. Secondly, we are fully aware of the limitations comming from the social distancing and general problems with photography during pandemic thus we headed to make loose series. Just to have some fun. It is not a high level project which touches important aspects of society, environment or documentary. It’s a record of short, instatanous situations, which happened in our life. If I have to categorize or describe with words, I would use: happiness, carefree, natural, limitless.

We postponed our holiday trip 3 times, cancelled flights twice and 1 week before the trip our son got cold… Luckily we were able to go and spend more then 3 fantastic weeks in Wieliczka. This set was taken during our lazy time in my wife’s parents garden. Relax during hot day couldn’t last forever…

photography during pandemy
holidays during pandemy
spare time during pandemy
photography in pandemy
holidays during covid

We hope that this short series (which was heavily edited to have a very condensed form) will inspire and photography during pandemic won’t be problematic anymore.

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