We always look at different photographers to see some inspiration for future and also open mind for different styles. There is an ocassion due to one decade celebration of the Leica Street Photo competition. I went through nearly 9 thousand pictures which can be found here: LINK. It took a while to go through, but was worth doing! There are many photographers from all over the World doing fantastic job. Some of them could be recognized straight away. This is what gave me the biggest smile – hard work of people and consequence pays back. Unfortunately there were many pictures of poor quality, repeated or after heavy post processing.


Yes, I sent one picture which was recognized in LFI and other places. However, I don’t have ANY expectations. The 2020 was tough and we didn’t have many ocassions to go out to photograph. Especially when non-essential travels are banned and you have a very demanding, super-active kid. Therefore, I focused more on photographing my family (examples are here). We hope 2021 will be much better and bring more occasions to go on streets. Let’s keep fingers crossed!

Our bets!

As I wrote above we went through all the pictures in the Leica Street Photo gallery and selected our favourite ones. We’d like to check whether we can judge pictures similarly to the jury which consists of big names! We are doing it to see how fair & how demanding we are for our own work. The competiton rules say about the selection of up to 20… I picked 36 (one film roll) which IMHO are very good and fit my taste of street photography. Ready? Let’s take a look at our bets for Leica Street Photo:

Final thoughts and waiting for results

I keep my fingers crossed for all the competitors. Regardless pandemic they deliver inspiring work. We had pleasure to look through the Leica Street Photo gallery. In addition, I will write an edit when the results came in on Monday the 21st of December. Again, those are our picks and we only bet which work will be in the final. In conclusion, we are not able to pick the winner, but Paweł Śpiewak picture looks outstading due to symbolic content.

Update 1/2

After finding some time here is the first update. The competition results are delayed until 21 of January 2021. Stay tuned then!

Update 2/2

Time for the summary! First of all we’d love to send our sincere congrats to the all finalists. We saw the results and… we were supprised. In regards of the selection above we had just 1 hit. Wojtek remembers 3 pictures he didn’t pick from 9800. We can say that there is a kind of convergence. Secondly, we don’t want to question jury because we are big fans of Chris, Agata or Karol work. It’s not easy to wrap up thougths in words but: documentary won this edition. Not street content in street photography but reportage/documentary. What is not bad as it shows the situation in Poland…  My personal disappointment is with no pictures about Covid. That virus twisted entire World and affects everyone. You can see some great stuff from Felippe Dana who documented front line workers in Spain as an example. If the competition was the first international one, we must look wider. This edition shown completely different face of street photography.

We don’t want to touch the recent news regarding Terms & Conditions which were changed during the competition and led to consequences in the final selection. Errors happen and professionalism should be kept at all levels.

All in all 10th Leica Street Photo competition is over. We can’t wait for the next edition and hope 2021 will bring much more opportunities for us to leave home (currently we have lockdown in UK so 2021 is not even better than 2020). However, let’s be optimistic. Again, congratulations to Marek Berezowski and all finalists!

2 thoughts on “ 10. Leica Street Photo ”

  1. Great work and selection. Going trough all the submissions is a new one for me. Also its not common that organizes make the entries visible to the public. I think it should become a new standard and make the process more transparent. The results are in and surprise, a documentary/journalistic protest photo won the street photo contest!

    1. Hi Michael. Thanks for stopping by & congratulations for being in the 20 best shots! I clearly remember your picture and hard choice during selection (relaxing people with the power powerplant in the background). I will be posting an update soon to comment the results, however the biggest disappointment was the system – I went through over 9800 after the competition closure and didn’t have opportunity to see the remaining 3000… but again it was great fun to see so many inspirations.

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