Iceland in a week

One of ours bucket list point was unticked in 2017, however we know that we will return there! The formula of this set is a mixture of street photos, landscapes and so-called travel photos. We normally won’t put any text around photos, however here we have a story consisting of 130 pictures so locations’ comments will help you to find those places on a map.

Most pictures are taken with the damaged Leica Q… yup I nearly destroyed it. During street photoshooting in Manchester I fallen down and hit the the ground with the camera. The bottom plate was badly distorted with visible electronics. It was about 2 weeks before our flight to Reykjavik so sending it to Wetzlar would be a bad idea* thus I wrapped it with a black tape, firmly secured and packed with other photo gear for one week of an intense exploration.

We did a full loop around the island starting from the airport, and passed throuhg the golden circle, Vik, Hofn, Oxi pass, Husavik, Vatnajökull from the land’s side, Akureyri, Snæfellsjökull following to Akranes and return to the Reykiavik airport. The places listed above give the direction we traveled and beneath the pictures you’ll find the precise locations soon, as it takes time to gather the descriptions 🙂

Unfortunately we had to skip couple locations and attracions due to time contraints but here are things which we will see next time:

  • Husavik – whales and puffins sight seeing (we were late for the last boat trip after I payed the penalty for speeding to be on time!)
  • Hornstradir and west-north penisula
  • Vatnajökull glacier exploration – skipped due to late arrival (3pm was too late for the trip itself and return to our overnight place
  • Blue Lagoon

Enjoy and we encourage for commenting 🙂

* – bad idea as after our return I sent it for the repair which cost was around £850,- and 3.5 months of waiting. However the service looked after everything and the camera was like new, cleaned and fitted with new parts. Many thanks from here to Leica Store Manchester for the professional customer service! BTW, our hints – buy a descent pair of shoes with a good grip against wet surfaces or a robust case for your camera! Whenever you have a professional piece of gear I strongly recommend to invest in an insurance (as we did and didn’t cover the repair cost). You will gain a peace of mind and can fully focus on pictures.