Our new webpage is finally up and… crawling is the best word to describe it…

We thought about starting a website for our instagram profile for a bit longer time but maternity and paternity changed everything in our life. Our boy is super cute but consumes vast majority of our spare time at this stage. We treat it as a challange and an opportunity to document the best time in our life – childhood of our boy. This challange started when Wojtek documented the labour…

Regarding the formula of this blog. We initially thought about street photography format only but we’d like to add a bit of different flavours. Street is still the main pivoting point however we’d love to say something about film rolls & analog photography which Wojtek is keen on, share our general thoughts about photography with trends and even make gear reviews of fancy lenses with character.

Stay tunned, and we hope you’d find some worth details on 2streetsproject.

Natalia & Wojtek

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